5 Tips To Help You Deal With Trigonometry Homework

Trigonometry homework can be time-consuming. Here are some ways to help you get through your homework with ease.

  • Keep a list of equations
  • Trigonometry is all about learning which equation to use and what the functions mean. So if you haven’t memorized all of the equations and trigonometric functions yet, it's nice to have a list. Keep a running list of equations at the beginning of your notebook, or folder. When you write new equations on your master list, it helps you have an easy reference when doing homework.

  • Get a good calculator
  • There is nothing worse than working through a problem 5 or 6 times and not getting to the solution. Those types of things can happen a lot more when you don’t have the right calculator. While most trigonometry classes specify which type of calculator to use, some only require a scientific calculator. If you’re going with a bare bones calculator, make sure it has at least 4 lines of input. This lets you see what you put into the calculator!

  • Get a study buddy
  • Having someone you can call when you need to ask a question is crucial. If you get stuck on a problem, and cannot remember how to work it out, a good study buddy can save the day. Make sure you pick someone who is in class with you, so they have the same assignment requirements.

  • Take good notes
  • Notes are important, and they help you recall how to work out problems. If you are learning a new formula or problem set, your notes are going to be what gets you through your homework. Sometimes teachers and professors give you the simplest way to solve a problem. Your book may have a solution that isn’t even close to what you went over in class. Referring to your notes will stop you from getting confused.

  • Find online support
  • If you’ve looked at all your resources, called your study buddy, checked your calculations; and you still cannot get the answer, it may be time to check for an online resource. There are tons of social media groups designed to help with homework. Your school or teacher may have their own group so that you can ask after hours questions. There are heaps of videos online on how to solve every type of equation in trigonometry.

If you keep all 5 of these tips in your tool belt, you’ll be done with your trigonometry homework in no time.