Student and homework: who will win this battle?

Students don’t end after the last lesson of the day because they carry on with classwork even at home. The teachers assign homework because they know how important it is as part of learning. Some people think it is a burden but an experienced teacher will tell you that it is essential. However too much of it is stressful.

Benefits of homework

  1. Exams preparation
    If students re not monitored, they might neglect what they learn in class and get a shock during exams at the end of a semester or term. Homework student facilitates academic practice so that a one stays prepared for any questions. A learner can only know the areas they have weakness in through assignments because they are tested on what they learnt in class. It is an opportunity for one to analyze information independently like it is supposed to be during exams.
  2. Promoting virtues
    Students who perform well in school are disciplined. Extra work at the end of a lesson ensures that a student remains responsible and punctual. If one can meet a deadline, it means they are serious about school work. This encourages one to improve their time management skills.
  3. Student-teacher relationship
    The only way a teacher gets to know their students is through class performance. Regular assignments will enable a teacher spot any weaknesses from their students and determine the best course of action that would help. For a students to perform well in class they must embrace their teacher’s guidance and in the end, they emerge as winners.

Why homework should be given in moderation

  1. Limited social life
    Too much homework for students leads to an exhaustion making the learner slack time to enjoy the other side of life. Scholars must incorporate socialization and extra-curriculum activities like games. These are important aspects of life that shouldn’t be ignored and homework must not hinder them.
  2. Lack of interest in studies
    If a scholar doesn’t have enough time to relax, they feel pressurized and might develop some defensive mechanisms. A stressed individual sometimes may not have the energy to go on and can easily give up on studies. Common signs of frustrations include failure to complete assignments in time. Eventually, it becomes a burden and students start doing it for the sake of escaping school punishments.

It is important that teachers give homework but too much should be avoided. This is because effective learning requires refreshed minds.